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looking for a new home

Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie Images

Like a small child, Brian likes creepy crawlies, goblins and robots. His moody prints and meticulous paintings are comically ominous.

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Martin Jackson

Martin Jackson Texts

Martin delves into the cracks in technology, trying to remind us that all these programs have been written by humans, after all. He is an avid Google Street View traveller.

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Anna Jung Seo

Anna Jung Seo Images

Anna explores the bounty of fleshy interactions in the city; on streets, in cafes and in crowded markets, that colour cities effervescent as traces of people remain in space.

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Karina Lickorish Quinn

Karina Lickorish Quinn Texts

Karina is a transnational creature, alighting and imbibing new spaces and places like a hummingbird: her writing flutters between grotesque, magic realist and carnivalesque.

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John Z. Komurki

John Z. Komurki Texts

John is a cosmopolitan connoisseur of inner-city argots, superannuated printing techniques and informal abodes.

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Elysia Byrd

Elysia Byrd Images

Elysia likes fairytales, pom-poms and other souvenirs. She enjoys travelling and scribbling down fleeting memories that work their way into her enticingly sinister paintings.

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Hannah Bays

Hannah Bays Images

Hannah’s painting is vigorous and vivacious – like primal forces: desire, impulses, terror; tempered by apathy and ennui. Snails and entrails; private, public and pubic.

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Portals of London

Portals of London Texts

Portals of London is a local history blog revealing an aspect of London never openly discussed: the city’s unique porosity across space, time or other worlds.

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Héloïse Delègue

Héloïse Delègue Images

Héloïse is liable to create wormholes into our bodily interiors as she is to bind our eyes in a shroud of secrecy: expressed through paintings that flummox as well as entertain.

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Dawn Beckles

Dawn Beckles Images

Dawn’s memories throb with the luminosity of exotic climes: bewitching orchids and birds of paradise brought within four walls.

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